Aikido and Feldenkrais –

2 branches of the same tree

I often mention that I teach both the Feldenkrais method and Aikido. Although they may seem distinct, they are actually closely connected. The Feldenkrais method has strong roots in Judo, just as Aikido and Judo evolved from Jujutsu around the same time. They’re like different branches of the same tree.

The chains of Mindfulnes

Both Aikido and Feldenkrais explore concepts such as dynamic balance, moving with ease yet generating power, and understanding our physical and mental connection to our surroundings.

To me, a fulfilling Feldenkrais session resembles excellent Aikido training – both involve gentle yet meaningful touch and collaborative learning.

A powerful practicing tip

The random bell is a powerful training tool. Integrating it to your practice will help you:

  • Create the unbreakable chain of mmindfulness.