more about me- Roee Be’er

I live, teach, and work in Munich.
For years I suffered severe back pain. I tried everything, but nothing seemed to work. That’s when I discovered the Feldenkrais method. It was so powerful and had such a positive effect on my body, I simply had to understand it.
I joined the Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs at the Wingate Institute (Israel’s center of physical education and sport). At the same time, I discovered the non-violent martial art of Aikido, which focuses on harmonious, flowing, grounded, and centered movement. Just like with Feldenkrais, the impact on my body was amazing and I found myself committing to it fully. From 2009 to 2018 I trained on a daily basis with my teacher, Miles Kessler Sensei in “the Integral Dojo” in Tel Aviv and starting at 2013 I also taught Aikido classes.
In addition, I trained extensively with Thor Schoo Sensei from Frankfurt and with Patrick Cassidy Sensei from Montreux.
I graduated from Wingate Sports College in 2012 and got my Aikido black belt shortly after.
In 2018 I moved to Munich and I received my master’s in sport and exercise science at the Technical University of Munich. I wrote my thesis on motor learning and balance control.
My goal is to share what I’ve learned, to teach others how to deal with and prevent pain, and most impotently, how to connect with the body and tap into its full potential.
  • 1984- Born in Israel
  • 2009- 2013- Feldenkrais Practitioners Traiing Course.
  • 2013- opened a Feldenkrais studio in Tel Aviv, working with individuals and groups, focusing on working with dancers and dance groups.
  • 2015- Aikido Shodan (1st Dan black belt)
  • 2016- Bachelor in Social Sciences and Humanities, the Open University, Israel.
  • 2018- Moved to Munich, Germany.
  • 2021- Msc. in Sport and Exercise Science, The Technical University of Munich.