Why Should You Start Training Aikido weapons?

There are so many physical and mental benefits to training Aikido weapons. Here are a few of them:

  • It enhances your coordination & timing 
  • It improves your confidence & body awareness
  • It cultivates calmness & sense of balance

I emphasise the importance of incorporating Aikido weapons from the very beginning, allowing students to experience all the benefits from day one.

What do we train?

In our training, we focus on the Aiki-Ken and Aiki-Jo techniques, following mainly the Iwama system, which was developed and taught by Saito Sensei.
We train regularly :

  • Basic Bokken and Jo training (each for a training period)
  • Solo practices and partner practices
  • Integration of Body and weapons
  • Jiyu-Waza (Free technique)

Who am I?

I’m Roee Be’er and I am an AIkido teacher. I started practicing Aikido at 2009 with Miles Kessler Sensei in The Integral Dojo in Tel Aviv, where I was training, and later taught, on a daily basis. In 2018, I moved to Germany while continuing my training with Miles Kessler Sensei. as well as  Thor Schoo Sensei in Frankfurt.
In addition, I have been practicing the Feldenkrais Method since 2013. The Feldenkrais Method has a strong connection to Aikido, and its principles have greatly influenced how I train .

My extensive experience in both Aikido and the Feldenkrais Method has allowed me to deepen my understanding of body awareness and effectively teach it to others.

Where and When?

Every Friday (when the weather allows), 17:30-19:00 in Sendling Park next to the Genoveva-Brunnen.

Please bring your own Jo und Bokken. Got no weapons yet? Don’t worry, we always have spare ones

Here are my recommendations for  buying japanese wooden weapons!

Cost: 75€ for 10 classes card


If you do not have a Bokken or Jo, it is not a problem. In the beginning we will lend you one, but in the long run it is better to have your own.
For 15 years I have been training with wooden weapons from Japan and I warmly recommend the weapons from “Tozando”.


The Iwama Bokken (made of white oak) is the most suitable for Iwama Aiki-ken training.
The Tozando Iwama white-oak Bokken.
A regular Bokken is lighter and is also a great choice!


Jo is not a broomstick. It must not only be strong and durable, but also light and nimble.
A slim (24 mm) White Oak Jo is a good choice and you can get it here.

Although many Dojos do not teach weapons at all or only to advanced aikidoka, I think that weapons training is important for all aikidoka.
Whether you have been practicing aikido for a long time or you are a beginner, aikido weapons training has great effects and benefits, such as center development, grounding and coordination.

Aikidoka from all styles are invited to our weapons training. Although I teach the Iwama Weapons system, I focus on the principles that are universal.

No, we train with everyday clothes which are simple and comfortable for movement.

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