‘’This is not ’‘just’‘ a therapy that helps with pain. It’s a pleasant exploration designed to work on perfecting, evolving and understanding movement.’’

Gil Kerer, Dancer & Choreographer, Tel Aviv

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You don’t have to keep suffering

You rehearse, audition, and perform, alone or with your company. Hour after hour, day after day, your
body works non-stop. Then one day something breaks, something hurts, or you are even injured. You
ignore it, or try to live with it, but that doesn’t work. Your performances degrade as damages
accumulate. What can you do? Heal yourself like only dancers do – in motion.

Relief , Recovery ,Prevention
Focused treatment for dancers

Immediate pain relief

The first thing I offer is relief.
A painful body is a suffering, closed and distressed body. Therefore, our first few sessions focus on creating immediate
relief by opening and gently softening
the body.

Sustainable Recovery

Genuine, sustainable healing comes from
dealing with the root of the problem,
and that is exactly what we will do.
In our sessions we will go past the symptoms, find the underline cause of your pain and deal with it once and for all.

Healthier habits for life

It’s one thing to recover, it’s another to maintain it or prevent it from happening again.
That is why beyond the relief and the recovery we will also focus on finding and integrating efficient and comfortable movement patterns that will serve you for the rest of your life.

what changes can you expect?

The first thing you’ll feel almost immediately is a liberating sensation of ease, length and space in your body. Following that we could start introducing movement to “closed” areas, restore flexibility and stability, create a new inner balance and teach the body how to maintain itself by creating new movement patterns that suit you, your body structure, and unique lifestyle.
The result is a vital, relaxed, strong and free body, with high self-awareness that functions better and moves more efficiently

Roee Be'er | Feldenkrais in München

Love and Science come together

When Feldenkrais, Aikido, and passion for dance meet

As a certified Feldenkrais practitioner and Aikido teacher with a deep admiration for dance, I’m proud to offer supportive, gentle and caring treatment that brings together bio-mechanical and neurological principles with deep understanding of somatic learning processes and movement patterns that suit a dancing body.
My intention is to meet you where you’re at (both mentally and physically) and help you get to a freer place, a place that has more awareness and wisdom. A place where you body could be at its best in rehearsals, on stage, and in daily life.