I will show you the gentle way to a stronger and freer body.

Get a better feel for the movement of your own body.

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‘’This is not just a therapy that helps with pain. It’s a pleasant exploration designed to work on perfecting, evolving and understanding movement.’’

Gil Kerer, Dancer & Choreographer, Tel Aviv

Get Freedom of Movement

If you are in pain, we will try to change it together.
Gentle and comfortable movement that is adapted to you is the way to stronger and flexibale body.

Be stronger and flexible

We should take care of ourselves before we are in pain.
We will explore together the way you move and find new possibilities. This way, you will develop new habits for integrated, efficient, safe and comfortable movement.

Get more of your own body

Pain relief is not enough for us, we go further. Together we will find out how you can get more from your body, it will become stronger and more flexible. It will becomes your best friend again.

your way starts here

Roee Be’er bei Feldenkrais Functional Integration Session

Movin’ Dialogue Sessions

Movin’ Dialouge brings you closer to your body Based on the principles of the Feldenkrais Method and Aikido.
Roee Be’er bei Feldenkrais Functional Integration Session

the creative body workshops

Based on my experience as a Feldenkrais and Aikido teacher, but also as a group facilitator I have developed The Creative Body workshops .
Each Creative Body workshop is organized around a specific theme and is developed together with the participants.